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How to manage remaining veggies from my Cozy Autumn Wild Rice Soup formula?

Why, transform them into a delightful breakfast meal! ♡

Turns out that this straightforward regular blend of sweet potatoes, kale, mushrooms (in the event that you’d like), garlic, onions and lively flavoring makes an interpretation of similarly as flawlessly into a comfortable harvest time breakfast meal as it completes a velvety wild rice soup. In all actuality, I did likewise hurl in a red pepper and Yukon gold potatoes for some additional shading. Furthermore some exquisite hotdog, which was delightful yet in addition absolutely discretionary on the off chance that you’d like to keep this one vegan. What’s more, at last, the outcome?

Hands-down a standout amongst the most tasty breakfast goulashes I’ve at any point made.

Also — reward! — this one is likewise super-simple to prepare early. What’s more, it’s normally sans gluten and sans dairy, which can be somewhat more amicable for serving to a major group. So in case you’re searching for an outstanding and straightforward breakfast goulash to serve to your friends and family in the midst of the buzzing about of this Christmas season, I profoundly try this formula an attempt. Here’s the manner by which to make it!

Cooked Vegetables | Cozy Autumn Breakfast Casserole Recipe


Okay, to make this morning meal formula, you will require:

Harvest time Veggies: I utilized a blend of sweet potatoes, Yukon gold potatoes, infant bella mushrooms, red ringer pepper and onion, which we will broil together until delicate. Be that as it may, don’t hesitate to hurl in whatever other veggies that you like to cook also. (For instance, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower and additionally Brussels sprouts would likewise be heavenly!)

Kale: Or spinach, or whatever other greens that you like.

Garlic: For flavoring.

Wiener: Feel allowed to utilize breakfast frankfurter, Italian hotdog (mellow, sweet or fiery), or any sort of frankfurter that you like. Or then again, don’t hesitate to sub in bacon or ham. Or on the other hand simply forget the meat totally and keep this dish vegan.

Old Bay Seasoning: I adore this lively flavoring (offshoot interface). In any case, if it’s not your top choice, don’t hesitate to sub in some Cajun flavoring, Italian flavoring, or whatever you may like.

Eggs: And heaps of them!

Step by step instructions to Make Breakfast Casserole

Step by step instructions to MAKE A BREAKFAST CASSEROLE:

I’m going to reveal to you at the present time — the considerable rundown of guidelines looks significantly more entangled than it is! To make this meal, basically:

Cook the vegetables. Either on a huge heating sheet, or two medium preparing sheets, broil the mushrooms, potatoes, red ringer pepper and onion until delicate.

Darker the wiener. In the mean time, as the veggies are simmering, dark colored the wiener in an enormous skillet on the stove. What’s more, at the end, hurl in the garlic and kale to give them a fast sauté also.

Whisk the eggs. At that point, in a different enormous bowl or estimating container, whisk together the eggs, milk, Old Bay flavoring, in addition to an additional 1 teaspoon salt and 1/2 teaspoon dark pepper until joined.

Collect the meal. At that point hurl the veggies and wiener together in the heating dish, spread them out in an even layer, and shower the egg blend uniformly over them.

Heat. Revealed for around 30 minutes, or until a toothpick embedded amidst the goulash tells the truth. (On the off chance that the veggies over the goulash get excessively seared before the meal is done, simply lay a bit of aluminum foil tenderly over the preparing dish until within is cooked through.)

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